About us

The mission of the Niall O'Leary School of Irish Dance Mississippi is to offer quality Irish dance instruction and performances to the community of the Mississippi Gulf Coast. We do this through developing the next generation of Irish dancers in the technique of traditional Irish dance and coaching the students in positive traits to produce well-rounded humans for our society.

Our vision is to share our love of Irish culture, music, and dance with the Mississippi Gulf Coast and further the fine arts in our community by giving back through our time, talents, and resources.

Our Core Values


Whether dancing for fun, performance, or competition, we train all students in the same proper technique of traditional Irish dance. From our classes to our performances, we strive to produce high quality instruction and dancing along with mindset, goal setting, cross training, and injury prevention.


Our students and parents are provided with clear expectations for behavior, dance technique, and commitment required (based on their goals). Parents and dancers are held accountable for their actions and behavior. Likewise, teachers and teaching assistants are held accountable for their responsibilities and expected to lead by example.


We have a unique, uplifting environment and discourage gossip. We offer an open door policy for parents and students to come to leadership to address any issues or concerns. Students are expected to treat their teammates with respect and kindness. Unkind words or behavior that disrupts the class or team will be addressed immediately. We care about our community and frequently identify areas we can contribute, donate, and get involved.


Both in and out of the studio, our parents and students are held to a high standard of professionalism and class. Whether dancers are in class, at a performance, or at a competition, they are expected to treat everyone with kindness and respect and conduct themselves in a professional manner.

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